A new podcast about the hidden forces behind human interactions and societal quirks.

Episode 20 on the centipede game and when things fall apart.
Episode 19 on the iterated Prisoner's Dilemma and tit for two tats.
Episode 18 on real estate contracts, with Jared Fraser.
Episode 17 on eBay and second price auctions.
Episode 16 on the winner's curse.
Episode 15 on the beauty contest.
Episode 14 on travel, with Elizabeth Becker.
Episode 13 on crowding types.
Episode 12 on altruism.
Episode 11 on costly signaling.
Episode 10 on parenting, with Kevin Zollman.
Episode 9 on mixed strategies.
Episode 8 on multiple equilibria.
Episode 7 on flirting.
Episode 6 on Johan Huizinga.
Episode 5 on carbon taxes.
Episode 4 on the phrase "tragedy of the commons".
Episode 3 on Pigouvian taxes.
Episode 2 on the Prisoner's Dilemma.
Episode 1 on bank runs (and us).